The Killbox: Arena Combat MOD APK

We’ve set The Killbox: Arena Combat MOD APK to create a first person shooter that is accessible to EVERYONE. Annihilate the completion in real-time PVP, face off against your opponents in blast mode or check out our terrifying single player mode! The Killbox is coming at you with a brand new version and tons of new additions to keep the action going at a blazing pace! With new maps, awesome weapons and a new elite competition system; The Killbox will blow you away!

The Killbox: Arena Combat MOD APK:

Intense, immersive real-time FPS action
– Experience incredible 360 arena combat with our fully optimized VR component
– Hectic 6 VS 6 real-time battles
– Awesome tactical movement system with console-like shooting experience
– Different real-world guns to choose from

WHAT’S NEW IN The Killbox: Arena Combat MOD APK?

Tons of new weapons, including our brand new line of Legendary Weapons!
Featuring APOCALYPSE a never before seen, hybrid super gun that can transform at will.
New elite competitions that give you an astonishingly real blood and guts experience!
New PVP mode & new maps.
Team ranking matches!
Brand new, audio accompanied user tutorial.
Black market where you can score the best weapons for great prices.
Enjoy your own unique avatar!
The loading process bug fixed.

New Additions The Killbox: Arena Combat MOD APK
– Tons of new weapons, don’t miss out! The first legendary weapons are here!
– Awesome new elite competitions give you a real blood and guts experience
– New storyline mode with a series of different challenges waiting for you
– New PVP mode: Run ‘n’ Gun Mode & Master Mode
– Team ranking match to fight with your friends
– New maps : Warehouse for team DM & Eight Ball for elite competition
– New female characters: Cadence & Delta
– A completely revamped, brand new user tutorial! User friendly, audio accompanied.
– Weapon Fragment System: Collect sixty weapon fragments and synthesize them to become a gun!
– Black Market: Grab the best weapons for great prices!
– Added strike moves for all melee weapons!
– Tactical Comm feature that lets you use your voice to communicate in battle!
– Customizable profile pictures; enjoy your own unique avatar.
– Enjoy the freedom of our new camp switch function!
– Completely revamped UI for optimal player experience!!
– Huge The Killbox: Arena Combat MOD APK in the shop, starting at 20% off!

***For an optimal shooting experience players should have 2GB+RAM and 4G or wifi ***
Think you and your squad can survive the killbox? Download and see how you stack up!

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